Argumentative Essay: Why People Should Not Go To College

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Why People Should Not Go to College People should not go to college because is difficult to find out what career choice as a result of the inexperience and little information, the potential loans are overwhelming, and the huge necessity to start working immediately after school. In fact, many high school students go to college because it is expected of them, but that is not a good reason to go. If the students are facing pressure from their parents, friends, or teachers to attend college, but they do not feel ready. A person who wants to attend college should not take on such a large financial and time commitment just to please other people. College is expensive, and it does not make sense to spend money on a college degree if they are unsure of their path. To…show more content…
In addition, many students hold a part-time job while they are in school, and some work full-time, this path can be very demanding. It can be especially difficult to juggle a full-time job and a full-time course load, and they cannot afford to go to school without working, so they find that trying to work while going to school is too much at once. For instance, people find that they need to start working immediately after school, perhaps because they have bills to pay, they have family obligations, or college is just too far out of reach financially. In other words, according to Ungar “A college education is a good thing to have, but its timing is important. Lifetime earnings will be increased. But what’s the rush?” This means that a college degree can be a great way to boost your chance of a successful career if you are sure of your path, but it is not the right choice, or the most lucrative, in all situations. In conclusion, people should do what they love. That happiness is far more important than any status symbol or paycheck, no matter what anyone thinks. No dream is too big to achieve. The college path is only one way to achieve certain goals among a host of
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