Argumentative Essay: Why Public Schools Or Home School?

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Why Public Schools? Do you think public schools are better than home school? Nowadays, education is one of the basic necessaries of life. Children have the right to get a good education. When it comes to education, all parents want to make sure that their children have the best education. In this way, parents have two choices either studying at public schools or home schools. Whether students study at home schools or public schools is an argumentative topic. Some parents think that home schools are better for their children. In home schools parents are friendly involved in their children’s education in addition to each and every detail of their life. They also believe that at home schools, children spend plenty of time with their parents…show more content…
In fact, students in schools are able to make new friends, which is a good thing to motivate and help each other. For instance, classroom environment plays a vital role in making students work in pairs or in a group to share ideas and feel the challenge. This motivates students to work harder on themselves, learn faster and prepare to be active members. Working with classmates improves the communication skill of the students (Lawson, 2003). For example, discussing an argumentative topic in the classroom can allow students to practice communication skills and learn from each other. Therefore, public school is better because students will be surrounded by a lot of students and they can become close…show more content…
Nowadays, the teachers are coming from different countries to teach students. Each teacher has a specific subject to teach the students (Metzler & Woessmann, 2010). Also, the teachers know how to teach the students because their major is literature. Teachers have same activities to attract the students to their class and to make them like their subject. For example, will not like the subject when the teacher is boring. This will distract them from the subject, and they will only wait to finish this class. Also, the teachers know how to attract the students with simple words. So, Teachers play a vital role in making students love and enjoy

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