Argumentative Essay: Why Should The Driving Age Rise?

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I do not agree that Driving age should be risen because, the driving age is perfect where it is and teaches responsibility, It wouldn't change accident rate, And this would hurt the ability of teens whom have jobs to get to work. However there are people that do think that driving age should be increased to lower the likely hood of teen death in car crashes. Responsibility is a good thing to teach at an early age especially with driving. The age limit has always been sixteen without problem so why change it now. There are teens in the countryside that have been driving more complex machines than cars since they could put a foot on the peddle. How much affect would this really have on the state. Would it truly lower accident rates or just…show more content…
All accidents are two way, it isn't always the teens fault for the collision. Many elderly get into more accidents than teens do, the elderly should have some restrictions as well as teens. This would hurt the ability of teens with jobs to get to work. Many teens don't have parents with a high income pay, so they must work for everything they have. Taking away that freedom to move for work and school purposes could hurt the teen. They would have to find more inconvenient way of visiting colleges. Raising the age could lower some accidents with teens but it could cripple work chances, mobility of busy parents, and hurt the teens chances of saving up for college because they cant get to their job. Driving age should not be raised because it would hurt the
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