Argumentative Essay: Why Students Should Teach The Holocaust

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The Holocaust is a severely important event in Jewish and German History. It was the death of 6 million Jews. Surprisingly, 33% of adults in a survey didn’t even know what it is. This could be the fault of the American School system not requiring most states to teach about the Holocaust. Students should be taught about the Holocaust because if no one taught it the history would be lost in the generations and future children or adults would never know such a thing happened, it has many benefits for students, and many adults agree that it should be taught. What is the Holocaust? The word holocaust was historically used for burning on an alter. It now means the mass murder of 6 million Jews. The transportation to death camps started in late 1941. Survivors found it hard to return home after it ended and many struggled finding jobs and had health problems. Starting in 1953 Germany made payments to the surviving jews and Jewish families as a way of acknowledging their wrongdoings. Why should we teach the about the Holocaust? Well, for starters, if something of the sort happened to you, you would want people to be taught about it and not ignore it. Imagine having been kidnapped. Taken…show more content…
The Minnesota Public Radio asked when and how to teach the Holocaust. Most said that students should absolutely learn about it because they don’t want future generations to think that such horrific acts did not happen. One woman in general said that genocide should be taught about but not specifically the holocaust because it was not the only event of it’s type to occur. This specific comment stood out to me as I had never heard of 2 of the events the woman spoke of: Fifth or sixth grade seems appropriate as many have already pointed out. Students should also be taught about the Native American holocaust, the Japanese American internment, slavery in the US, and Jim Crow lest they think this sort thing couldn't happen
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