Argumentative Essay: Women In Combat Positions

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Many people believe that males and females should have equal rights in terms of education, training, and job opportunities. Under what conditions there should be an exception for this statement is a highly debated issue. When it comes to military service, there are some jobs that require high physical and psychological capacity. Females are welcome to all positions in the U.S. military now, but they were not allowed to apply for some jobs until this January. “Defense Secretary Ash Carter on Dec. 3 announced his decision to lift all gender-based restrictions on military service starting in January, paving the way for women to serve in these previously all-male specialties.” (Tan, 2015). If we just focus on the equality
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History has shown that females gain their different rights step by step. Voting right for females was a very controversial issue in the past in all over the world; however, today females can vote almost in all countries. Numerous occupations were open only to men, but nowadays it is not shocking to see female truck drivers, carpenters, construction workers, police officers, and so on. Female soldiers in the military can perform as successful as males who are in similar positions in the military. Before 2016, Tan (2015) states that female soldiers could serve in 90% of the positions in the U.S. military. The percentage of all-male specialties was just 10 %. The new policy announced by the 25th Secretary of Defense, Ashton B. Carter, is a breakthrough for female presence in the military. Because women can officially be on the front lines, and society has started observing female graduates from tough courses. For instance, two female officers have graduated from Army Ranger Course and America has two female Rangers now (Sanchez & Smith-Spark, 2015). In the U.S. military, a female soldier can be a pilot, a physician, or even a 4-star general, and all military personnel should support this new policy change. If this is not about sharing power and management with females, why should government stop women to apply for special operational
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