Argumentative Essay: Women In The Military

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The military is the place of combat and strength. It consists of men and now, even women, that fight to protect our loving country. As we go through our history, we can find that there are a few women that have braved the front lines as doctors, nurses, and even soldiers themselves, and now, the Pentagon has opened the window of about 220,000 military jobs to women. Theses previous women not only aided the soldiers, they were under the danger of being killed by stray bullets. If other women have followed their dreams, why can’t we? Our world and opinions are slowly but confidently changing to a better view of equality. Office jobs were once an only men job, but now, women are starting to make their stand with increasing almost 51% of labor force. In the Ranger School, two women have been able to pass the 62-day intense and vigorous training. Furthermore, don’t forget that women fought for 70 years to convince the people, that women’s opinions matter to the country and its prosperity. Women prove themselves as capable as men, and they should be treated just as equal as men.…show more content…
With the opening of jobs for women, women can pave the world alongside men in the front lines and in the military. As one of the most important Disney lesson, it is encouraged to follow your dream and to never give up. Women have fought for decades to be treated as an equal human being, and they have finally made progress. Why should women stop now when they can see the light at the end of the tunnel? Women deserve the right to dream and create their future because their success will not only open so many new possibilities, they will bring hope as
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