Essay On Inner Voice

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Your Inner Voice: The inner voice is a vague element that exists in every one of us, helping us sense good and bad, distinguish right from wrong and make decisions. This voice is a mixture of your personality and past experiences, being different from one person to another. You will never hear your inner voice speaking to you, but its messages are reflected in your conduct and attitude. If you wish, you may call your inner voice your soul, and harnessing its power should be something you must be aware of. Many people experience difficulties when communicating with their inner self. They tend to judge and assess things in a manner that is fruitless, depriving themselves of opportunities just waiting to be taken. If this is your case, you…show more content…
If you are reading this article you probably are one of those persons who turn red up to their ears, lose their breath, remain speechless, have shaky knees etc under certain circumstances? I bet you think it is one of the worse things that can happen to a person. Guess what? Specialists disagree with you! Let’s talk about shy persons for a minute. They are those people who go to the supermarket and are afraid even to talk with the sales person. Red before saying the first words and when they do they never say it load enough, so they have to repeat it. No matter how hard they try, it goes worse every time. The more they make every effort not to blush, the redder they become. Well, indeed, shy people have to work as well. But they say shy persons never get bored, as they are always trying to watch the others and develop themselves. That is why it is widely accepted that timid persons know a lot of things about human character in general, although they normally don’t dare to get in contact with many persons. In spite of the fact that during teen age these persons had usually no social life, most of them grew up as great human resources managers or psychologists, specifically because being left outside the group, they could evaluate the others better. Also they tend to choose careers that imply a lot of PR work, just because they need to prove themselves they can do
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