Religious Symbolism Research Paper

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Narmin Hasanli
Section I
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Argumentative essay- Final Draft Limitation of Religious Symbols When you destroy people’s religious expression, they will establish secularized religions like Marxism (Carrol Quigley). Religion is considered one way of expression of psychological requirements. Religion distributes allocated sacrament, stories, guiding, tales through various scriptures, worships and ways of public supporting. Believers use religious symbolism to signify which religion they belong to, to identify the aspects in their faith such as Hicab that is the obligatory of Quran, pentagram with the five elements. Thus, physical and material
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Physical and material expression of faith also can broaden into the public and governmental interactions, becoming a complementary piece of cultural identification. While many believers signalize that religious symbolism plays the irreplaceable role in their daily life, atheists who dismiss belief don’t support it, also government put limitations on usage of religious symbolism in social sphere. The issue of physical and material expression of faith in public places has given rise to general discussion on area of religious freedom in different countries around today’s world. In our contemporary sphere of globalization and extraordinary global population movement, generally population face the confusion of accepted environment of cultural identification, in some situations, authorities are making changes in laws, diplomacy and policies in an attempt to control these changes. Different diplomatic, governmental and legal treatments of the problem have given rise to various explanations of religious freedom as described through internal and global regulations. Banning physical and material expression of faith in public places do more harm than good because, limitation of religious symbols violates the human…show more content…
Starting an early ages, desicion on moral values and religion immediatly ralate to the formation of behavior, lifestyle such as selection of food, alchahol and drug usage, smoking and sexual orientation. Additionaly, the general influence of these practices on peoples health and psychology condition is found to be affirmative during the all life of them. Religious expression sustains the people’s requirement to feel persobla control over the spesific situations during their life and dicrease the discomfort in the face of diffucult situations that are out of the control. In this case, they don’t only belief that the situation is under of their control, they thinks that the world is under the control of God, they can create the connection with God through the agency of religious symbols and expression. Supportersof the limitation of religious symbolizm claim that religious group who wear headscarf isolate themselves from modern society. To look different from others has negative side effects on humans and they feel themselves under the pressure. However, this difference creates the self-confident on people. The women who wear headscarf believ that God will appreciate their behavior and they will live in better world after died. It gives them reason to live
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