What Are The Arguments Against Euthanasia

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Argument Writing-PAS By:Avina Elangovan Life expectancy for humans all around the world is increasing. This is attributed to healthy lifestyle and advancement in medical care. We now have technology to prolong life for several years even if the person remains in a vegetative state. This in several circumstances has caused unnecessary suffering before the end of people 's lives. Research has shown that 70% of people prefer to end their life without pain and suffering if they face the diagnosis of a terminal illness. That was shown in a recent survey the Euthanasia Society put out to see who was for or against euthanasia. Euthanasia is derived from the Greek word “good death.” It refers to death of patients by themselves or with assistance. …show more content…

Of all the reasons to support a terminally ill patients right to die, the most important one is this. I believe this way because Dr. David Mayo has published that euthanasia enhances personal freedom. Mayo has stated that, “People should be free to determine their fates by their own autonomous chores especially in connection with private matters, such as health,” and he argues that society encourages people to take control over all aspects of life and that should include one’s desire to control the manner of his/her own death. Dr. Mayo has the expertise in this area having served on the board of National Death with Dignity Center. This approach is the major principle of respect for patient’s autonomy. Our job is to help the helpless achieve their goal instead of inserting our own values and compromise the autonomy of the other person. In an actual case a 76 year old man with diabetes decided to stop dialysis as he felt that he was a burden on his family. In this case, his right for autonomy overrides any other disagreements about his decision to stop a life saving measure leading to his death. We may or may not agree with his decision but he should have the autonomy to decide on his life course. Additionally, Brittany Maynard, a 29 year old young lady with terminal brain cancer knew that her end of life was going to be in few months and was likely to be marred with seizures, pain, paralysis and in a coma. She did not want to die that way and did not want her family to see her like that. Unfortunately at that time, California did not have the legal law passed to help her choose her destiny. So she had to travel to Oregon to fulfil her wishes. She should not have to travel that far when critically ill, displacing her home, and family to get the right thing that was needed. Luckily several states

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