Quotation From The Indonesian Film: The Act Of Killing

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"All murderers are punished, unless they kill in large numbers, and to the sound of trumpets" - Quotation From ( The Act Of Killing ) ( The Act of killing ) Is an Indonesian 2012 documentary film by Joshua Oppenheimer and Anonymous . The film is about the gangsters who participated in the Indonesian killings of 1965-1966 against communists . But can we consider " The Act of Killing " a documentary ? To answer this question , First we need to identify what does the documentary mean . The documentary film is ( a non fictional picture intended to document some aspects of reality , primarily for purposes of instruction or maintaining a historical record . Or a practice of filmmaking that deals with ACTUAL and FACTUAL issues and people for purposes of record , educate , communicate or persuade , in which the materials are selected and arranged from what already…show more content…
When they start shooting we can notice that they are filming in a made up set looks like investigation room in a studio using a special pre-prepared props , In addition to two men wearing military costume . Those are two examples of many made up scenes which makes the film almost narrative . Those scenes could possibly accepted if ( The Act of Killing ) is about making Anwar Congo's film , But the main goal of the film supposed to be about the Indonesian killings against communists . That is why focusing on making Anwar Congo's and his group film instead of recording and document what happened in 1965-1966 makes the film does not looks like a real documentary film

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