Argumentative Essay On Mandatory Volunteering In High Schools

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Mammadli Gulnaz
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Argumentative Essay- Rough Draft
Mandatory Volunteering Volunteerism is included to the high school programs in numerous countries for many years. There are a lot of different types of volunteering, which have a beneficial impact on both community and volunteers. The primary aim of mandatory volunteering is to encourage teenagers to be decent and caring citizens. By this way, high school students are to complete 30 to 40 hours unpaid service in their communities in order to graduate. Some people claim that having mandatory volunteering in the school program is extracurricular and affects students’ activity in the class. However, I strongly believe that it would be beneficial for their future states in a number of ways.
First reason that I believe mandatory volunteering is beneficial is that it involves a great number of people from young age to serve in community. Productivity of youth is more effective than adults, and also students will convey their experiences into adulthood. For example, Canada is one of the first countries to create mandatory community service program in 1999. As a result of
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Volunteering should be done intrinsically. Many students find community service so difficult, time consuming, and not enjoyable. Therefore, they tend to only complete the required hours without any essential effort. To call mandatory community service 'volunteering ' is a problem because then we begin to confuse the distinction between an activity that is willingly done and something that is obligatory and perhaps not always rewarding. Volunteering should be something you choose to do because you want to do it, not because somebody made you do it. Moreover, they may want to participate in other activities that they will enjoy doing. Students should be able to enjoy their life outside; not spending huge amount of it to

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