Argumentative Music Therapy

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Music Therapy is the Best Therapy
Music therapy is the clinical use of music to achieve individual goals and improve relationships; it is also considered a form of Psychotherapy (Music Therapy Medicine). Melodies and harmonies are used to transport patients to new and safe places. The sweet rhythms bring peace and relaxation to stressed minds. Self-worth is found between each melodic note, and anxiety and depression are long forgotten. Memories that were once lost are now found, and medication is improved by this one simple healing tool. All these things happen through the healing power of music. Music therapy needs to be used more often in health care because of the many physical and mental benefits it provides. Many people benefit from the efforts brought from musical therapy. It helps with several physical and mental disorders including Autism. Victims of sexual and mental abuse are an active group of patient’s involved in music therapy because it takes all of the stress and torment from their minds (Music Therapy: Alternative Medicine). Addicts are also a group that benefits highly from medication related to music. Music prevents acts and even thoughts of suicide because
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One activist stated, “As drug use became more and more common the music started to match it” (Power of Music). This refers to the fact that songs are becoming more and more violent, and lean towards the ‘positive’ use of drugs. This is one of the arguments that others choose to be involved in because of the several negative effects. Although this is true, there are many more positive effects that occur through the use of Musical Therapy. Above are listed several great examples of the reasons that this form of medical use is a wonderful thing to apply in one’s life. It helps with so many mental disorders, and physical complications, making it a great form of therapy to use in the medical
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