Write An Essay On The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Surrogacy

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Surrogacy is when a willing, healthy and well-screened woman agrees to carry and birth another couple’s baby. Generally there’s two forms of surrogacy that being commercial and altruistic. Commercial is when the surrogate is paid for donating the egg/sperm or for gestation of the fetus. Altruistic surrogacy there’s no payment process at all. The most common though is gestational surrogacy and that is when the sperm and ovum from a couple is fertilized by IVF and transferred into the surrogate. Just like commercial surrogacy a payment process is involved with gestational surrogacy. It’s become a great choice of infertility treatment if a couple wants their own genetic baby. Although others view this process as prostitution, surrogacy
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According to conceiveabilities, they’ve mentioned, “conditions such as heart disease, kidney disease, or severe diabetes can turn a pregnancy into a life-threatening event for mother and child.” It is relevant to understand one’s condition before making any decisions because anything will put not only the baby in harm’s way but the mother who can’t carry as well. For that matter the solution to this well renowned problem is a surrogate. Go on and rent your sister’s womb! Or should you? As we all know Kim
Kardashian as well as many other celebrities turned to surrogacy. Kim undergone toxemia and a retained placenta during her last pregnancy. Natalia Lusinski stated, “She had been diagnosed with early-onset preeclampsia, and she even had to deliver North at only 34 weeks,” ( Natalia lusinski ) Kardashian urged for a surrogate her third baby after hearing such news with her first.
Luckily, she’s been able to birth a healthy baby however, she knew better than to continue after being warned by her doctor. She used a surrogate and beat the odds anyway!
Despite the fact that surrogacy helps those same gender couples, women whose ages aren’t up to par and personal decisions of these people in particular, outsiders view this

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