The Cost Of Abortion

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Abortions are some of the most common medical procedures that are performed. Abortions are used to terminate pregnancies. It is one of the most controversial medical field and surgical topics. Many women decide to end their pregnancies for many reasons, but the majority of terminated pregnancies are because the female is young, unmarried, without money, etc. Having an abortion does not change what was done or what happened in the past. Abortion is the act of ending a pregnancy by removing a fetus or embrio. Studies have shown that more than 40% will have an abortion at some point. There are roughly 1.2 million abortions done in the U.S. each year. One set of laws actually restricted abortion, and they would punish the people providing them…show more content…
They can range anywhere from $0-950. The amount someone has to pay for their abortion depends on many things: the person getting it and their body, where someone lives, and then how far along they are when they want to get the abortion. Getting a surgical abortion definitely can cost way more than getting the abortion pill. Some insurances are not even able to help cover the cost of the abortion because of laws that have been made. There is no health insurance plan that is state-run that can cover the cost of abortion unless it is because of rape, incest, or if the life of the mother is at risk. Planned Parenthood, a clinic, will help to scale the cost so that a woman might be able to afford it. Another factor in the cost is where someone would get their surgical abortion, whether it is in a hospital or a clinic. Not only is abortion the wrong choice but it is also just very costly. There may be ways for a woman to make an abortion possible for herself, but that still does not mean she should get an…show more content…
There are really no good things about abortions. Abortions can cause many physical issues. They can really damage a woman 's body to the point where she may not be able to have kids in the future. It also can cause me emotional issues. Getting an abortion could cause someone to feel grief, guilt, hurt, and just all around sad. The only good emotion a woman might feel after an abortion is a little bit of relief. Abortions are also very costly. Many women that want to get an abortion probably do not realize just how expensive they can be. Although there are still ways for her to get one that does not mean that she should. There are many different ways to have an abortion. Abortion is not the right answer! If a girl doesn 't want her baby there are many other options she can choose
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