Summary: The Issue Of Illegal Immigration

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With the outgrowing number of immigrants living in the states, legally or illegally, immigration has now become one of the controversial topics today. Though, everybody has their own approach towards to this issue, the most debatable part of immigration are undocumented immigrants. The first is, why should everybody be aware of this matter? who are the undocumented people? why they didn’t they come here legally? and what can be done with this issue? A statistic provided by Migration Policy Institute, there are more than 43.7 million immigrants reside in the United States as of 2016. Most of them are from India with 175,100 people, followed by 160,200 from China/ Hong Kong, 150,400 from Mexico, 54,700 from Cuba, and 46,600 from the Philippines…show more content…
Immigrations has always been an important topic but became a big debatable topic today as the present president has made immigration his signature issues, specifically, the undocumented immigrants. Everybody must’ve crossed this question in their mind, who are these people? Other people can easily define them as foreigners that came in the states without the permission of the U.S government. Some may see them as a threat on the society, and they take away the jobs from Americans. But, these 11 million unauthorized immigrants are just like any other immigrant that took the risk to move to a different country with the hope of having a successful life. (In-text Citation) The only difference of them from other immigrants are proper…show more content…
legally, that our system is biased toward people who can afford to pay their way in.” (In-text Citations) The current immigration system and the number of visas that are available makes it even harder to people that don’t have that kind of money to enter the country, so “illegal entry becomes the way immigrants respond to the lure of jobs with higher wages than what they would be able to find in their current country” (In-text Citation). A person that I have spoken with and shared her opinions about unauthorized immigrants, and she said, “People come and stay in the states undocumented, they were desperate to have a better life and even though it’s against the law to work here paperless; they still do it because of desperation.” But, immigrating is not all about just seeking for better opportunity to have a better life, but also, people come to the U.S. to reunite with their family that has been away from them for a long time. For example, the U.S. opened Bracero Program which brought millions of Mexican to the states to take jobs at the farm, and after the U.S. government terminate the program, many of workers stayed and continued working in the farm illegally (In-text
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