Razer Kraken USB Case Study

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Razer Kraken USB : B00Z0IBMAY Looking for a very affordable gaming headphones set with plenty of bass, no-frills style, and great audio customization? The Razer Kraken USB is the option for you. It is the most likable gaming specific headphones set available in the market for its kind of price. It is comfortable, durable, has excellent sound quality and whatever you need for an optimized gaming experience. The Razer Kraken USB lacks the fancy features that you would find in a high-end gaming headphones model but it is enough for its price, actually a little more in quality than you might expect it to be. The biggest plus point of the Razer Kraken USB is that it has a very good compatibility with all the standard gaming devices in use. The…show more content…
You might have not even heard the name before. However, the product line of this enterprise is really good. Their headphones range is not very fancy or plush but it sure has the most productive of devices in the particular price brackets. When referring to the gaming headphones, the Razer Kraken USB is known to deliver what it promises. Here we have reviewed some of the features based on first-hand experience with these gaming headphones. Compatibility The Razer Kraken USB offer pairing compatibility with a large number of devices. The model is compatible with PC, Mac, and PS4 systems. Drivers’ availability can increase the range of compatible systems for the Razer Kraken USB. The output quality is top notch. The unidirectional analog boom microphone has a very clear sound qaulity. The adjustable boom mic also flips up and out of the way if it’s not needed. Design The Razer Kraken USB is not very fancy as stated earlier. It is minimalistic and the design of this headset is basic and functional. It is simple so it is hassle free, just plug it on and enjoy your

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