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I chose the topic diesel vs gasoline engine, because I plan on becoming a diesel mechanic, and to help further my education. Another reason I chose this topic was for the many people who are unaware of the new diesel technology. For my advisor I picked Mr. Bedenbaugh, also known as Mr. B. Me and Mr. B worked together for my senior experience, in fact he was the one who helped me decide to make a V8 model engine for my community service. Mr. Bedenbaugh is also my first block teacher, which makes it much easier to ask questions and get the help I need for my senior experience. During my senior experience I encountered a few obstacles, one of them being the presentation, I got through it, but I was extremely nervous the inter time. I prepared…show more content…
I planned my topic before I was assigned to do a research paper. I know at the beginning of my senior year I would need a good topic that I was interested in and I could argue about. It took me a while to figure out a topic that dealt with diesels, but I knew that no matter what the topic was I definitely wanted it to be about diesels. After deciding on my topic for conducting the argumentative research paper I used the resources available on Discus, online, and in the library to help me complete an annotated bibliography. The annotated bibliography was a big part of the research paper, using the reliable sources I learned new and interesting facts/quotes that I added to my paper. Some other features that helped me were outlining, and drafting. Outlining and drafting helped me organize and compose my research paper, giving it a nice flow to my three main argumentative…show more content…
This engine was donated to Mr.Roland at the Lexington technology center, for his automotive class. My topic was based on gas and diesel engines and this engine was a model of a real V8 gasoline engine. I glued three hundred and twenty pieces together to creat a model engine that would allow Mr. Roland 's students to see how the inside of a gasoline engine works. This product took me more then the fifteen hours required, it was about a whole day worth of time. During this performance I learned all the pieces inside and outside of a gasoline engine, how they fit together, and each ones

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