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Today we’re going to talk about a tricky topic: abortion. In France we call it IVG which stand for voluntary interruption of pregnancy. I’m going to tell you right away I’m a pro-choice for the carrier. In France we have a relatively easy access to abortion. But 22 million unsafe abortions are performed every years worldwide. By “unsafe abortions” I mean abortions performed in poor and unhygienic conditions, which are mostly related to its ban. The right to abortion is limited in more than two-thirds of the world. In most states, abortion is allowed only in exceptional circumstances which doesn’t include rape (in case of risk of death for pregnant women or health risk). And I would like to mention that in most cases law about women
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And you know how I see it people saying getting an abortion is wrong, is murder… In that case I think they’re saying pregnancy is a punishment for having sex. And I find it strange, it’s only in this kind of case they’ll be thinking like that. Never a doctor will refuse you surgery if you were on a ladder to do whatever and after falling you break your leg. Nobody will say it’s your fault, you didn’t have to be on this ladder. Even (maybe not in France because access to gun is not as easy as in the US) if you were playing with a gun and you shoot yourself in the leg (again) nobody will refuse you surgery or call it infamy.
Also there’s a lot of men saying that abortion is also a men right, and okay you can discuss with your partner whether or not you want to keep it,… But at the end it’s the carrier choice, your body, your choice. Cause I can guaranty you that in several years we find a way to pass pregnancy to your partner. Government all will be saying it’s unethical to force someone to be pregnant and access to abortion will be a lot

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