Argumentative Speech About Love

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Do you ever find yourself sitting around the dinner table with your parents while they ask yet again if you have met anyone special? Or have you ever noticed how 90% of the songs and films out there are about love? Have you ever stumbled upon that one article “10 ways to find your soulmate – you won’t believe number 6!”? Well, most of us definitely have, thanks to our solitude. When we’re not dating anyone, people ask us why not. They want a specific reason as to why we’re still single. They’re basically implying that there’s something wrong with us and that there needs to be an explanation for why we are currently living as individuals. We’re made to feel like we’re not living our life the right way until we’ve found another person to validate our own.
Hello, my name is Ekaterina and today I’ll explore a rather infamous topic – love. But not love as a whole, but an aspect of it which I regard has become a problem in our society.
I do believe that the constant rush on getting into a relationship has had a negative impact on our lives. The peer pressure not only for the young, but for every age has created a spiral of anxiety when trying to find love as a way to fit in. We’re convinced from the very beginning that we should constantly seek a partner - starting from dating and having a gf/bf while younger, then turning into a pursuit for marriage and creating a family. Is that the key to happiness? For some, yes. But for others it isn’t. However, since this whole romance

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