Essay On African American Stereotypes

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Everyone that has ever existed has faced some kind of subjugation. Whether it be over gender, sexuality, religion, financial status, ethnicity, or color everyone is stereotyped. Some have more negative stereotypes than others, some just have ones that are neatraul. To dive down deeper into the understanding of different stereotypes, I asked a close friend some questions and compared them to the ones I face as a young woman. The answers were incredibly different, but so weren’t the effects which I expected to be the same. The friend that I interviewed was answering from the standpoint of being African-American, while I interviewed myself from the standpoint of being female and compared them. The outcome? Peculiar. When asked about the different kinds of stereotypes, such as good ones or bad ones my friend had noticed that he doesn’t have any good ones, more just ones that are there. Except one they he kept repeating in some questions. When I asked him if there were any good stereotypes that he has he said the black people are often seen as good at everything athletic, but …show more content…

If so, what will change and what will stay the same?” “I don’t think it’ll change that much. I think it’s possible it could get worse.” “Can you elaborate more on that? What do you think could cause this to continue or worsen?” “With the way politics continue, and the more reasons people find to hate one another, it could continue till after our children die. If I have children I think they will face they will face everything I faced, maybe less because I plan to go to a more black community.” Many people go to communities where they don’t face stereotyping, where they don’t feel they need to fit a certain mold. This causes people to separate, maybe to think of new stereotypes for each other in a continuing circle. Gender stereotypes and race stereotypes are very much different, but they can have the same negative impact on

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