Argumentative Speech About Wedding

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Family. They’re some of your biggest supporters, craziest friends, and most excited confidants. But within the hustle and bustle of wedding planning, overlooked details, past conflicts, and misunderstandings can cause tensions to rise (and sometimes unfortunately explode into full-out fights). What if your mom likes the A-line dress but your dad’s totally against it. (You’re rather neutral about the last five dresses you’ve tried on.) And of course your seafood-loving uncle from Louisiana insists on having shrimp for the wedding reception, but don’t forget—your brother’s allergic to shellfish. On top of all that, your great aunt claims she just has to bring all five of her chihuahuas to the ceremony, but you know for a fact they bark at anything and everything. Will you even be able to hear the wedding march over all that yapping? And say, where’s your sister? You both promised to meet at nine to go over invitations but it’s a quarter past, and she’s still not here! Is it too early to bring out the wine? Now now, dear bride-to-be. Before you reach for that glass, take a couple deep breaths. Simultaneously juggling family members and your wedding can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be so stressful! Read on to see how you can keep your cool with family issues during wedding planning. Take charge!
First and foremost, before you even begin planning your wedding, have an open and honest conversation with your entire family. During this, remember that it’s just

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