Informative Speech: The Gift Of Adoption

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Title: The Gift of Adoption
Rhetorical Purpose: To inform the audience about what adoption looks like in today’s society, including what it is, an overview of the process, and the prevalence in the media.
Thesis Statement: The process is often thought of as complicated and uncommon, but with increased awareness and proper education, individuals can better understand the gift that is adoption.
I. Attention Getter: More than five million women of childbearing age in the U.S. have infertility problems (Seven myths, 2018). Or in simpler terms, one out ten couples will have problems with infertility, according to Meredith’s Women Network (Seven myths, 2018). Fortunately, there are other methods to having kids, such as adoption.
II. Thesis
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Additionally, some people fear passing on genetic disorders, such as cancer, Huntington’s disease, or cystic fibrosis. Adoption allows them to experience the bliss of having a family without the apprehension of potentially passing on sufferable health complications (Ten reasons, 2016).
5. Interestingly enough, people even adopt to balance the population growth (Ten reasons, 2016). Such individuals come into conflict with their desire to have a family versus their belief that overpopulation is a major global problem (Ten reasons, 2016). Rainbow Kids Adoption and Child Welfare Advocacy says, “Adoption provides these individuals with an opportunity to have a family while staying true to their beliefs” (Ten reasons, 2016).
6. Furthermore, other factors, such as wanting to provide a good life to a child in need, wanting to choose the sex of their child, or wanting to skip the newborn stage can be achieved through adoption (Ten reasons, 2016).
[Transition Now that we understand what adoption is and why many choose this method, let’s discuss the actual process.]
II. According to the Adoption Network Law Center, “It is important to understand why you want to adopt and what your lifestyle will allow you to realistically be able to do in an adoption” (Adoption process,
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Some types of adoption include: domestic versus international adoption, adopting a baby versus an older child, private adoption versus foster care, or open, semi-open, versus closed adoption (Adoption process, 2018).
B. The next step is to research the different costs.
1. The cost varies depending on the type of adoption and the adoption program (Adoption process, 2018).
2. In addition, typical fees include (but are not limited to): adoption program fees, marketing costs when it comes to reaching potential birth mothers, travel expenses, and legal expenses (Adoption process, 2018).
C. After research, the family then chooses and works with an adoption agency.
1. This journey includes filling out paperwork, such as an adoption application or questionnaire, creating an adoptive parent profile, which will be sent and reviewed by potential birth parents, and completing a homestudy (Adoption process, 2018).
a. The purpose of a homestudy is to prepare and educate the family about the adoption. In addition, the Adoption Network Law Center also states, “this step of the process involves the social worker thoroughly gathering information about the adopting parents by visiting them at their home, interviewing their family, and ensuring that the Adopting Parents will provide a healthy environment for any child” (Adoption process,
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