Should The Death Penalty: MUST Be Abolished

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Fellow people of this great nation, I encourage each of you to listen to me, and to do so carefully. Today I stand before you to let you know, that Capital Punishment, MUST, be Abolished! Over the course of time, there has been numerous evidence that have been brought to the forefront, and these evidence have suggested, that the death penalty has lost its power, in the deterrence of making mankind losing their willingness in the committing of heinous crimes. These very crimes are the ones that has been spoken against, with the assurance of what punishment is to be expected. Nonetheless, it is a barbaric and callous form of punishment, which at times have been unleashed upon the innocent, whereby, giving them a sentence of death, with it later …show more content…

The most current study of research findings on the relationship between the death penalty, and murder rates performed for the United International Locations Committee on Crime Prevention and Control, in 1988, has concluded that these studies did not provide an iota of scientific evidence, that executions have a more deterrent effect than the imprisonment system that is readily being used. It has been shown that in fact some murders are committed under the influence of substance, be it alcohol, drugs, or both. In a few reported cases, these murderers might have had some mental sickness which were never tended to. If these are factors that played a role in the behavior of these persons, the question to be asked then, is; “how or what is being done to manage and assess the individuals so they are deterred from committing such crimes”? If only time was invested in doing these much needed assessments, maybe It would be possible to figure out what is going on in their headspace ahead of time, because when people who feel they need to indulge in substance abuse to mask whatever they may be going through, or they are dealing with untreated mental issues, after the crime is done, they may not remember it, much less why they even did …show more content…

So, in such instances when a person has no will to live, the loss of life penalty does not deter them in any respect. If we are seeing that the death penalty is not running a roadblock to people committing crimes, then what is the purpose of it. A better deterrent is wanted which might make the offender less likely to give in to a life of crime.

If this type of deterrent become observed then criminals could have second thoughts of committing the crime due to the fact they could think that they may get caught. Criminals who plan their crimes very cautiously, might not be deterred with the aid of the death sentence because they might trust that they might not be

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