Argumentative Speech On Cosmetic Surgery

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In our generation nowadays, beauty is one of the most important especially in woman like us. Some of the people measured them by size of her waist, the straightness or her nose and even the thickness of her lips. Women all the world over, are driven by media and advertisements to try to meet society’s high standards of perfection. Cosmetic surgery is the tool made by science, to help achieve this level of perfect beauty. Cosmetic Surgery is one of the biggest problem not only in the Philippines also in the other country. Teenagers said that this is the solution and the easiest way to be contented and to be accomplished. That is why teenagers choose to undergo this kind of surgical procedures. We lived in a culture where people are judgmental because of their looks and if someone doesn’t like what they look like, there are many ways…show more content…
Even if this is the one that cause a little skin problems or can be the one that can destroy ourselves, it also have a few positive effects. Like having a self-esteem, self-worth or self-respect. Their personality became high, yet sometimes a person’s external body does not look like the person may feel on the inside. For the reason that they know to themselves that “I am unnatural.” And the teens who undergo this surgery is the people who deal with perceived problematic body concerns and having an emotionally and physiologically problems in their lives. And people think that cosmetic surgery is the one method to increase self-esteem. Indefinitely, in this essay I’m dealing with the CON side. Is that because there are aggregation of negative things that you may encounter if you undergo this kind of procedure. First, there’s a possibility that you can spend too much money because you want to make your body or face perfect. Second, you cannot do some normal activities because of your body was covered in plastic or cosmetics. And last, there’s a possibility that you may feel

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