Drinking Age Persuasive Speech

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Good morning, my speech is entitled ____.
Drinking runs rampant across college campuses, and despite the age restriction mandated by the law, young adults still choose to drink under the age 21. They go to fraternity houses and private apartments, locked dorm rooms and house parties, safe from the prying eyes of authority. Unmonitored and unsupervised, these individuals are more prone to extreme and binge drinking, some of the leading causes of alcohol-related deaths. But if the drinking age is lowered to 18, young adults will no longer be condemned for trying to enjoy themselves. At 18, you can vote. You can enlist in the army and be assigned to jury duty. If we are trusted with deciding who our next president may be and serving our country, then we should be trusted to make responsible decisions about alcohol consumption.
It’s only in twelve countries, including the United States, that the legal drinking age is 21. Many countries, including Argentina, Greece, and Spain, have already
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Instead of focusing on enforcing a law that most choose not to follow, we should focus on DUIs, alcohol abuse, sexual assaults and other crimes related to drinking.
John McCardell, previous president of Middleton College, has an alternate solution that coincides with lowering the drinking age to 18. He proposes the idea of alcohol permits, much like a driver’s license, that would enable those 18 and over to purchase alcohol after completion of an alcohol education course in high school. This permit could be suspended or revoked in the case of an alcohol-related offense.
At 18, we’re considered legal adults, and are tried as such in court. We are trusted to make and are held accountable for decisions regarding the future of our country, the military, and marriage. It only makes sense to extend this to
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