The Importance Of Junk Food In Schools

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I. Purpose
At the end of the my presentation, the audience will be able to explain how junk food in schools are affecting student lives and what should we all do to cut off those junk foods.
II. Introduction
A. Question: While spending most of our time in school many of us likely to have junk food like French fries, Candy bars, and sodas, but have you all ever thought how junk food can cause dangerous affects in our health?
Well, today I’m about to tell you all how bad junk food is for you, and why you all should not consume it.
III. Body
A. Junk food in schools leads to various health problems like heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity. While many students spend most of their time in school, so that is where it should
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The government and school should step up to do the best job they can to replace junk food by providing better and healthier options.
1. Government must increase access to healthy foods in underserved communities and schools.
2. Government should offer various types of physical activities by creating safe parks and community halls to the children.
3. Government should ban advertisements of unhealthy junk food, which highly attract children to buy such junk food products.
4. Supporters of government action concede that the government alone cannot reach the Obama administration's goal of ending the epidemic within a generation.
Everyone has a role to play in helping to reverse the childhood obesity epidemic. School officials need to make quality physical education a regular part of the school day. Government leaders need to [rethink] policies they might not associate with obesity prevention—like zoning, which affects whether students can walk or bike to school. The food and beverage industries should look closely at the nutritional content of the products they offer, [and] parents need to lead by example.
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