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INTRODUCTION Did you know that LGBTQ youth are twice as likely as their peers to be kicked, shoved, and physically assaulted? On top of that, 92% of LGBTQ youth hear negative messages about having a different sexuality. They feel unsafe and are physically harmed. This happens to people all over the world, and as horrible as it is, many, many people suffer from it every single day of their lives! I want to bring this to light and tell you about what LGBTQ people have been subjected to throughout time, and what they have to deal with on a day to day basis. I also want to tell you about the people who have had to put up with this and ended up pushing up daisies, another thing I want you to hear is how we can help these people who have to suffer every day. BODY PARAGRAPH 1 To begin, LGBTQ people are subjected to hundreds of hate crimes against their sexuality and who they want to love. One example is the Orlando Shooting. A man named Omar Manteen went to Pulse, a gay bar, shot and killed 50 people, and wounded 58 others. “... Of the thirty-eight victims to die at the scene, twenty died on the stage area and dance floor, nine in the nightclub's northern bathroom, four in the southern bathroom, three on the stage, one at the front lobby, and one out on a…show more content…
Everyone can go to rallies, become a safe place for LGBT people in their life, speak out against homophobia. These are all the steps that we can take to make sure that LGBT people know that we care for them and they are valued and important. Confront to the homophobic and transphobic people in your life, and talk to them. Don’t support things like gay jokes or calling people gay as a derogatory term. Make it clear that homophobia will not be tolerated. You should again, also get involved with LGBTQ activism! Go to parades, meetings, and anything that supports LGBTQ people, support nonprofit organizations and become a safe person to LGBTQ

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