Argumentative Speech On Lgq Youth

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Did you know that LGBTQ youth are twice as likely as their peers to be kicked, shoved, and physically assaulted? On top of that, 92% of LGBTQ youth hear negative messages about having a different sexuality. They feel unsafe and are physically harmed. This happens to people all over the world, and as horrible as it is, many, many people suffer from it every single day of their lives! I want to bring this to light and tell you about what LGBTQ people have been subjected to throughout time, and what they have to deal with on a day to day basis. I also want to tell you about the people who have had to put up with this and ended up pushing up daisies, another thing I want you to hear is how we can help these people who have to suffer
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They are the ones who have to deal with the hate and the violence. It’s bad because the LGBTQ people are significantly hurt mentally and physically. There have been several attacks on people who are gay, bisexual, and transgender. One of the most shocking cases was Matthew Shepard. He was one of the main incidents that sent the people into an uproar about how bad the bullying is. A quote from Wikipedia can help you understand this. “On the night of October 6, 1998, Shepard met Aaron McKinney and Russell Henderson at the Fireside Lounge in Laramie; the three men were in their early twenties. McKinney and Henderson decided to give Shepard a ride home. They subsequently drove the car to a remote, rural area, and proceeded to rob, pistol-whip, and torture Shepard, tie him to a fence, and leave him to die. Media reports often contained the graphic account of the pistol-whipping and his fractured skull. Reports described how Sheppard was beaten so brutally that his face was completely covered in blood, except where it had been partially cleansed by his tears” (Matthew Shepard, Wikipedia). Because of Shepard’s sexuality, he was snuffed out. Also, recent LGBTQ bullying statistics have shown that people of different sexual orientation are two to three times more likely to commit suicide, and about 30% of all completed suicides…show more content…
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