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Love in today’s day and age is seen as something very aesthetic, rather than something of value.
And I am here to completely change your views on love, and how it affects more than just your hormonal needs and what it affects the most; your brain.
We may mostly think love as some fling or just a hit or miss situation, but when we fall in love it does some pretty crazy things.Lewis )"Not just makes your hands sweat and your heart race (caused by Adrenaline and Norepinephrine."(Lewis
Lewis)"Neuroscientists divide love into three phases: lust, attraction, and attachment.
During the Lust phase, Hormones flood the body with intense desire, the brain releases Dopamine in response to other pleasurable stimuli, including drugs, with that it explains
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Lewis)"MRI scans even indicate that love lights up the pleasure center of the brain. When we fall in love, blood flow increases in this area, which is the same part of the brain implicated in obsessive-compulsive disorders (OCD"(Lewis
How the relationship usually turns out with your partner is always linked into the brain. You have to know and see that you two are not only attracted to the outward appearance but also the inward part (mostly your brains).
Lewis)"The First “rush” of Romance triggers Dopamine activated rewarded centers in the brain, producing a rush that is even similar to taking a hit of cocaine."(Lewis
[That is not a good recipe for love]
Lewis)"For Lasting-Relationships the body’s responses change. What is triggered are not reward centers, but the areas of the brain deep in the nervous system associated with caring and nurturing"(Lewis. Rather than the heavy dopamine rush when the love is connected to just Lust and
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And you will have to see and know that you will be content with just sitting next to the person rather than having your hormones going off like crazy.
Lewis)"Our brains send of these “feel good” transmitters when the romance is just beginning , but the brain can trick you into thinking the love has been year- long when it’s only been a week or two long, Love is a powerful substance when it comes to your body and your reactions."(Lewis
With all of these romance movies and Love songs, and depressing love poems, it has a whole lot of affect on our brains and our emotions. And it is actually proven that love based movies and music and books can cause the same affect of love on the brain, like how you look at someone and you blush and get the whole “butterflies in your stomach “affect”.
Overall love in this day in age is far often more just high school and summer flings rather than the real thing.
Love is seen as something to try out for size, rather than something to commit to and stay with, and in my own opinion that is saddening to my own
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