Speech On Maternity Leave

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Maddie: Hi this is Maddie,
Katie: Katie,
Jaslene: and Jaslene.
Katie :And today we’re talking to you about why may mandating more generous maternity leave benefits actually be detrimental to women.
Jaslene :Well, what does THAT mean?
Katie :In the U.S., the workforce gives women with newborn children 12 weeks of unpaid parental leave.
Jaslene:12 weeks off work? That sounds great!
Katie.yeah but look at the key word- UNPAID, in fact, 43% of women with children quit their job early to be with their kids and avoid dealing with unpaid maternity leave all together.
Jaslene:Wow, is unpaid leave such a really bad thing?
Maddie:Not necessarily, when getting unpaid leave, businesses are required to give job security. Yet on the other hand, only
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Maddie:Most businesses do not provide paid leave because paid maternity leave is not free. Paid leave is costly to employers for many different reasons; one, when a woman takes leave whether it is paid or unpaid, the employer loses her labor services, and is required by law to hold her position until she returns; two, employers might need to pay overtime to other workers to cover the mothers lost work hours. By requiring paid maternity leave, businesses would lose profit by paying for not only the mother 's maternity leave, but for the replacement of her work hours as well.
Jaslene :Are there similar costs and benefits for other countries that provide paid a maternity leave?
Maddie:In other countries, maternity benefits can extend to the father, be paid up to 100% of the parents wage, and have varying amounts of time given for maternity leave. The leading country for maternity leave benefits provide 420 days for either the mother or father to take entirely or to be split with up to 80% of the parents wage.
Jaslene:Wow. I like those benefits. They seem completely harmless to me!
Maddie :Let 's not get ahead of ourselves, every seemingly perfect benefit comes with hidden

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