Informative Essay About Pediatricians

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Pediatricians are like unicorns in some communities-- legendary beings highly prized and sought after. If a woman finds one that is worthwhile, she may go to great lengths to preserve and protect the relationship. She may fear letting the wrong people know the doctor's name or office address. What if they screw it up for her somehow? Like what if she gives a friend the doc's number, and then the doctor hates them. Will it reflect badly on her and will she lose doctor privileges? Some women start interviewing and researching possible pediatricians months before they give birth. Any mother just wants to make sure they find the right pedestrian that they vibe with ,and that is easily accessible to them. The most admired doctors often have a full patient list, and never have a open spot until months later. Omega…show more content…
But when you feel uneasy around someone you’re right to want a pediatrician you’re comfortable with, says Atlanta pediatrician Dr. Jennifer Shu, a spokesperson for the American Academy of Pediatrics and co-author of Heading Home with Your Newborn. “Many newborns will see a pediatrician about 10 times in the first year of life. So, it’s important that parents have a good relationship with her since they will be working together closely to maintain the baby’s health.” Your pediatrician shouldn't: 1.) Always seem rushed, or fail to follow through. 2.) Have poor communication skills. It could be that the pediatrician doesn’t take time to explain his diagnosis or how something might be treated. 3. Fail to listen to your concerns, or doesn’t have time to answer your questions. 4.) Have lack of empathy. “You want a pediatrician who tries to distract your child so she’s not fearful, who rubs her back, or gives her stickers or puzzles, and who tries to ease her
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