Argumentative Speech On Teenagers Today

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AADESH CHHABRA PERSUASIVE WRITING GENRE-SPEECH TOPIC- WRITE A SPEECH ADDRESSING MEMBERS OF A CITY COUNCIL ON HOW SCHOOL SYSTEMS MAY BE A DISADVANTAGE TO TEENAGERS IN SOCIETY. ASSIGNMENT 2 FIRST DRAFT WORD COUNT: 800 Grades, marks and credit. These three words are what the lives of students worldwide are revolving around today. Is it not surprising to hear that the world is competing for a bunch of letters just to define their ‘intellectual quality’? Do you not notice that this the earnest, if not sole, factor that determines your child’s competence? Ladies and gentlemen, we all watch the news. We hear about depression. We hear about suicides. It is well known that this is all caused by stress. Yet this ‘stress’ originates somewhere most adults are oblivious to. I, t herefore, find it within my moral right to stand before you today and aim to explicate the situation us teenagers are facing day in, day out. Contrary to popular belief, I consider the modern educational systems to actually be a disadvantage to teenagers today. Firstly, I would like to bring to light the fact that modern schooling fails to implement a fair and effective means of teaching. It has been scientifically proven that no two minds are alike yet educational institutes throughout the globe primarily focus on core subjects, such as science or mathematics. This is done without true regard to the diversity and range of abilities different people possess. They fail to take into account the fact that
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