Argumentative Essay: Is Violence Counterproductive?

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Topic: Violence is counterproductive

Who is the suspect? , Who’s the victim? , Who was there? Who are the witnesses? – Those common questions used when someone is murdered and violence is used; however they all tend to make us feel scared, but the what’s more forbidding is death.

Violence is not productive.

We support the motion that violence is not productive
- Today I will be talking about three important arguments that will prove to you all, that violence is not productive enough.
1- How racism can be effective on violence
2- How wars and protests have used violence against people for change
3- Failures of violence movements

So firstly: What is Violence?

Based to, Violence is
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And we all know that Arab springs are all over the place now, whereas the roots started from Tunisia, and well the Syrian revolution is still in process since the last four years. Although when the Arab spring started, it was rumored to bring democracy, peace, harmony, love, agreements, promises, guarantees, securities, stability, strength and assurances to not only the nations found in the middle east and north America, but to all over the world. It was supposed to end violence and dense government tactics and strategies. So basically it was assumed to lead a brighter solutions and clarifications in the future. But guess what? None of that happened. Even thought there are countries with 0 percent uprisings, but saw a massive percent of violence. Countries such as Jordan, Iraq and recently Yemen. The Arab springs countries thought violence would be the best way to make and construct the change; well violence did everything in reverse. The violence in Arab springs has caused the countries to a lot of brutal effects. President’s resignations, above them Hosni Mubarak (the Egyptian president), ben Ali (the president of Tunisia), which lead the countries, where it took root to elect non- professionalized presidents, which lead the countries to a massive corruption with no defense. Poverty, which took a high place In the effect of the use of violence, which lead 67% of the population of each root to poverty. The countries condition got worse and worse, which was under injustice, corruption, inequality, discrimination and no freedom. Which lead people go out to the streets and protest against their governments and presidents and someone had to stand up and say enough! So as a result, that was found, an uprising becomes 50 percent more likely to fail, if it turns to violence. It seems to be the case that once protesters pick up weapons, it legitimizes the state’s use of overwhelming violence in

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