Argumentative Summary: Elements Of The American Revolution

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Kyle Simpson

Mrs. Brett

Language Arts

January 10, 2017

2017 Argumentative Writing Prompt

It’s unthinkable to nail down the elements of the American Revolution. Innumerable events were the beginning of it all. I believe that imposing taxes without representation set the level for the Declaration of Independence and the American War. By 1763, assessments were intolerable in Britain and still ascending, but in the coming four years, the British Parliament start passing laws to boost money through taxing the American settlers. These rules caused serious financial misery in the colonies and establish displeasure toward the British authority. Two acts created during this era can be seen as the prelude to the inexorable uprising that would come …show more content…

He was trying to carry out what his antecedents had been doing for many centuries – give the control to tell an elected congregation of people to do a more representative form of supremacy. In reality, Patrick Henry was an inimitable speaker that had even the doubters and ones who differ, recognize with him in the edge about going to combat with Britain. His emphasis in his argument was what brought those disbelievers to his side. By him adding the Lord into his speech, this, of course, guided the ones who dissented to his side, as these settlements were quite spiritual at the time. When he said the eternal phrase: “Give me Liberty or Give me Death,” he had each one ready to battle for their territory, their property, their harvest, and of course, their …show more content…

However, I still believe that the Stamp Act put a direct tax on not stamps but almost all paper goods in the colonies. There were not by chance plenty British troops to prosecute the act, colonists were cut off British exports with bad effects on British business. Today, the Stamp Act had been the key link in the succession of occurrences that led to the free US. I don’t find any such unsettled soul to control us if it should, the means are in our Hands to keep from happening any commotions or shame; what the result may be in the Colonies who have no army power to hold the mass in form, I cannot assume to

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