Argumentative Writing On Abortion

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Coursework Assignment : Argumentative Writing (2nd draft)

(An opinion column, which tackles the polarising issue of abortion, specifically under the Brazilian laws and their recent changes, and which is to be published in the weekly magazine “Veja”, aimed at the general public)


I do not think I can emphasise this strongly enough - I’m truly in favour of decriminalising and legalizing all types of abortion.
Firstly, for those who are unfamiliar with the topic: abortion is the act of ending a pregnancy by causing the death of an unwanted human fetus. This sounds sinister, I know. However, abortion is more than a fundamental right, the right of women to be able to control their own reproductive system. In Brazil, abortion is legalised under limited occasions, permitting abortion in cases of rape and when it puts a woman’s life in danger.
The main concerning issue is that the government has recently introduced a new amendment changing the country’s abortion law, called “Pec 181”. When we thought our country was finally moving forward and putting aside religion and personal beliefs for a matter of equality, this medieval law is announced introducing adjustments banning abortion and again narrowing, ignoring and shutting down the women’s voices.
I still cannot wrap my head around the fact that the Brazilian government is trying to control the body of over 100 million women, highlighting the fact that the Brazilian parliament has no women representatives.

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