Argumentatorical Essay: Being Gay And Homosexuality

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What if I told you that you can’t do anything that you ever wanted to? What if I told you this is because you are gay? What if I told you that none of you get the respect you deserve simply because you are gay? Most of these people spend their lives answering the question “What if” and this is because these people have no hope, they have lost faith in humanity.
Being gay is being homosexual and homosexuality in simple words can be defined as a person who is attracted to someone of his own sex. It’s been 38 years since I heard Harvey Milk speak on the stage and I have never seen someone who was as courageous as him. His speech titled ‘Hope’ changed my perspective on how I looked at homosexuals. My perspective today is that everyone deserves the same respect whether they are homosexual, black, tall, fat, African, and Asian, whoever it is because we all are humans and we all deserve the same rights. It’s not one’s fault if they are black or white and not giving them their rights is wrong. The main source and base of my blog are the Speech titled ‘Hope’ by Harvey Milk.
I have decided to write a blog to portray my opinion as it contributes my personal opinion on homosexuals and it will be easily accessible to anybody on the internet. I choose to write a blog over other text forms like an article is because an article focuses on facts and figures which can be misleading at times but a blog focuses on one’s personal opinion. My blog falls under a part one topic Language
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