Argumentive Essay: Does Religion Cause War?

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Argumentive Essay Paragraph 1 – INTRODUCTION  People pray every single day for those who lose their life’s at war.  Yet many do not know what is truly causing a reason to pray, a reason to fight and a reason to die. As off today, after you´ve read this text, you will never wonder, “why is there war, why do people fight and why do people die?”, because I will now show you the true face of our fights that has been fought over hundreds and/ or thousands years back.  Thesis Statement: Does religion cause war? Paragraph 2 – Does religion cause war? (“Against”)  Religion does not naturally/ inherently cause war. Relation/ correlation is not the same as reason/causation. In other words, religion itself does not cause war but it can be RELATED to the cause of the war. Religion is just an easily controllable/ corruptible system that can affect the people who believes in it. One example is U.S.A. U.S.A separated religion and state so that unethical/ corrupt politicians could not infiltrate it and use it to justify war. If I were to explain it I would say, U.S.A does not allow religious arguments to triumph or make a difference as to whether a certain thing should be done or not. Everything that is decided (such as war) needs to have a valid explanation, not something such as, “God is telling us to fight so we have to fight” or “we are not allowed to fight because that is not the will of God”, these arguments are not accepted by the state as a reason to act. If you put a

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