Argumentive Writing

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According to Pincas (1998) writing is a way of communicating a massage to a reader for a certain purposes. The purposes could be to express one self, to provide information for one’s reader, to persuade one’s reader, or to create a literary work. Writing is one of productive skill that we need to be mastered in learning English as a foreign or second language. Writing is an important skill for learning language at school. There are so many kinds of writings. Those are expository writing which aims to explain and inform, descriptive writing which aims to show and describe, narrative writing which aims to tell stories, and persuasive writing which aims to argue for or against an issue. The last kind which is persuasive writing mostly forms in a number of paragraphs which becomes a text called argumentative writing or essay. Argumentative writing or essay is encompassed to an academic writing. Thus, argumentative writing is studied by learners. In the learning language process at school, students tend to learn how they expressed their point of view of identifying any issues or a certain condition. Their point of view which defined as argumentation are the process of forming reasons, justifying beliefs, and drawing conclusions with the aim of influencing the thoughts and/or actions of others. Students who learn argumentative writing tend to face some difficulties such as language features used in argumentative writing, especially occur in students who learn English as a foreign

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