Arguments About Immigration

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The issue of immigration is a growing issue with two sides, people who accept immigrants coming into their nation and people who do not and believe that these immigrants should go back to their foreign lands. I believe immigration is not about the two sides but about the reason why they’re coming into the nation and how can they benefit us? The answer to that is that immigration is a good thing for a nation because it benefits both the immigrants who are most likely looking for new opportunities for themselves or for their future generations and for the country, changing its society for the better. Immigrants make the economy grow because they will enter labor work forces that some are not willing to take due to dreams of higher paying careers or lack of qualifications. Now, when a person is looking for different jobs within their needs they will look within the immigrants to find a person who works as that job or career they are looking for. Americans look at the immigrants as prideful when they take these jobs because they believe those are the jobs they will accept. As Richard Rodriguez’s Blaxicans says in Lines 26-28 “There was certainly no question for the Chinese grocer,... Guatemalan barber,... tribe of Mexican Indians who reroofed your neighbor’s house.” Although they take any job in order to survive they are also taking away the jobs from any american needing the job, leaving the Americans unemployed. A study shown in the “Bureau of Labor Statistics” in May of
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