Arguments Against Abortion Dehumanization

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Dehumanize: to deprive of human qualities, personality, or spirit; to treat someone as though he or she is not a human being (Merriam-Webster Dictionary). Abortion, or the premature ending of a pregnancy, serves as an ideal example of how our society dehumanizes children who never got the chance to stand up for themselves, let alone crawl for themselves. The easiest way to deprive of human qualities is to dismiss of human qualities. In abortion, it is not the removal of tissue or the withdrawal of an indistinct organic mass of material; in abortion, it is the death of a baby. Abortion dehumanizes life to the point of death; nothing can justify the death and dehumanization of a baby. Today, pro-choice individuals try to justify abortion as a woman’s right to control her own body. However, this reason is self-centered and ignores the fact that the life in the woman’s womb is human in nature. This reasoning also puts the woman’s personal interests and comforts above the value of the life of the baby.…show more content…
However, less than 0.6% of all abortions reported in 2014 were because of rape or incest (Krason 284). However, there are cases where unplanned pregnancies are caused by rape. While rape is a terrible trauma and a morally reprehensible crime, which we can hardly begin to understand, there are alternatives to abortion in the pro-life movement such as counsel, healing, and compassion. In fact, “When women are given the correct counsel and healing, physcological studies have shown that pregnant rape victims progressively change their attitudes about their unborn child from something repulsive to someone who is innocent and worthwhile” (Krason 284). Contrary to popular belief, abortion does not alleviate the trauma of rape victims, it actually brings a trauma of its own. Countless women suffer years and decades after their abortions, and end up regretting their
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