Arguments Against Abortion Research Paper

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Did you know that for every 1000 live births, there are 817 abortions? Many women have to make the choice to get rid of their baby or give birth to it. There are women that must have an abortion because their life could be in danger. Abortion can vary in all different situations. Because of these different situations, abortion is a very important social issue. Some significant aspects of abortion are what it is and what are some laws regarding it, what are some arguments against abortion, and what are some arguments in favor of abortion. Abortion is the termination of the fetus, which has many laws regarding it. Since abortion is very controversial, there are many laws that consider the topic. One of the first laws regarding abortion…show more content…
For instance, many people think that abortion is taking an innocent human life. Many people who are pro-life come from the Christian religion, in which they follow rules from their god. They consider fetuses the same as humans as they have the same rights as everybody else. They believe if someone gets an abortion they would be committing a crime as they would be killing an innocent person. Also, people who are pro-life believe that abortion can give the mother future medical and stress problems. Since abortions are proven to give the mother a higher chance of ectopic pregnancy, miscarriages, and pelvic inflammatory disease, many people are using this in their arguments against abortion. Also, they believe that abortion can, and most likely will cause intense psychological pain and stress. Many also believe that the stress in mothers can also lead to depression, which can then lead to injuring themselves or even committing suicide. Another argument that the pro-life community has is that victims of rape and incest can get medical care and treatment to ensure that there will be no pregnancy. The pro-life community also thinks that adoption is a great alternative to abortion. The mother could still give birth to the baby, but if she doesn’t have the resources to take care of it, she can give it to a couple who cannot have a baby. This also includes minors who would like to have an
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