Arguments Against Ageism

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Culture is the values, beliefs, and patterns of behavior shared by people of the same group. It is everything that humans make, use, learn, know and believe. How we behave and what we share with each other, all learned through socialization and symbolic interaction. Many forms of discriminations stem from culture. Due to an ever-present ethnocentrism most people love their culture and reject any values that oppose their culture, even if the counterculture is right. Ageism /sexuality are social systems defined and validated by culture. Ageism is a system of stereotypes, policies, norms, and behaviors that discriminate against people because of their age. Sexuality is a defined social system which groups a person’s sexual preferences. In the 21st century a vast amount of culture are enforced by the media for example…show more content…
They are diminished in the eye of the media and the public to the extent that even players of similar ability but younger are determined as better and much more qualified. Though they have been constant exceptions to the ageism placed on players by the media, even shockingly some have become better despite exceeding the required age for them to expire like Zlatan Ibrahimović, gigs, Xavi, Pirlo and Buffon. These players have shamed their critics all who said their age will hinder their contributions. While ageism is commonly defined as discrimination from younger to older the reverse is also an existing form. Younger people are told that because of their age they are stupid, irresponsible and unwise. Some cultures even say that their opinions are invalid because the person is below a certain age. In the African culture age determines what you deserve in terms of gifts, opinions or making choices yourselves. Also the older you are the more right you are so all the younger ones should listen to you no matter
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