Arguments Against Animal Captivity

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Animal captivity is one of the biggest controversial arguments of today. Many people are against it and people do not see a real problem with animal captivity. This argument has been going on for decades. There are multiple examples of animal captivity facilities, such as, zoos, aquariums, laboratories, and the circus. Zoos, aquariums, and the circus may not seem that bad only because it is entertainment to the public. Buying tickets, stuffed animals, shirts, food, drinks to watch a couple animals do some tricks does not seem that bad does it? Not at all, but the real question is what is really going on behind the scenes of these animals in these places.
In the documentary “Blackfish” there are multiple examples how aquariums that are seen as fun and carefree are really animal captivity and even animal cruelty. Seaworld for example, a 2.5 billion dollar company, is a well-known theme park and marine zoological park. Seaworld has had more than 28,000 animals in the park, according to That is a lot of animals out of their natural habitat, whether they were born into it or captured. Any organism taken out of
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To go further in depth about how cruel animal captivity can be, most animals are taken away from their mothers and their families. These poor animals are basically being kidnapped. It is a big crime to the human species for someone to get kidnapped and put into the trafficking system. Well, that is what is happening to these animals. They are getting kidnapped by humans and taken across the globe to sell for money. Animal trafficking is not any better than human trafficking. Do not just sit by and let this continue, stop buying the tickets, and stop letting people force these animals to do tricks for food! “ The worst sin toward our fellow creatures is not to hate them, but to be indifferent to them: that’s the essence of inhumanity”. - George

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