Arguments Against Animal Testing Essay

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Introduction Using animals in research has been an important issue for discussion as it affects both humans and animals equally. While the arguments for using animals in research are strong; the argument that it is cruel and unnecessary in many cases is also strong. The basic arguments and reasoning for and against animal testing will be presented.

Arguments against Using Animals for Research The main argument against using animals for research is that it is cruel. These animals are often subjected to painful treatment in research facilities that goes beyond their understanding. They are confused about their surroundings and are unable to stop the procedures being conducted on them (Singer, 1995). Animals undergoing research testing are also kept in small and confined environment. They will often panic in these situations and
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Without animal testing, modern chemotherapies may not have been created (Orlans, 1993). Animals in research can also protect family members from severe allergic reactions that may threaten their safety. Although cosmetic research may seem useless, people do wear make-up and therefore require safe products (Orlans, 1993). Science also has a responsibility to develop new drugs and products that can save lives. Therefore, without animal testing, many of these would never reach the market (PETA, 2012). There is also the argument that we need to observe how products work in the complex interactions of cells, tissues and organs in living animals (PETA, 2012).
It can also be argued that many medical students use animals in their own research to learn about the human body before they can become qualified. In this case, animals are already being used to save lives (Orlans, 1993). A final argument is that we already eat meat, which causes animals to suffer and lives to be lost. There is no difference between eating meat and using an animal for research (PETA,
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