Arguments Against Birth Control

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The anti-birth control argument is less centered on the actual effects and functions of birth control and instead focuses on more religious and moral arguments. The primary argument is that birth control violates “God’s plan” for a person’s life. Contraception prevents pregnancy and thus, in the eyes of some individuals, prevents the creation and start of life. Some individuals also say that contraception makes sex a more casual act. It makes sex outside of marriage much easier and makes the act something that can be done purely for enjoyment. Many religious figures see these situations as anti-Christian and impure. (Explained) Another argument of the ant-birth control movement focuses on the consequences of birth control use, and is known as the consequentialist argument. The main arguments include the health risks brought on by birth control use, the prevention of potential human beings being born, and…show more content…
Birth control made family planning simpler, thus allowing women to pursue education and careers before beginning a family, all while maintaining a physical relationship. This is primarily why people began to use and why it has risen in popularity through the years. There are many methods to choose from that meet the requirements for many different lifestyles and backgrounds, making it all the more attainable for all. However the use does not come without critics. Some feel the use is unnatural, immoral, and interferes with “God’s Plan.” There are even those who argue that birth control ends the potential for new human life. Many of the proponents of contraception argue that the pros far outweigh the cons. They say that birth control gives women more freedom, makes sex a freer, less stressful action, and can eliminate the chance that unwanted children will be brought into a world where they will not be loved and cared for.
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