Arguments Against Cannabis Prohibition

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Cannabis Prohibition:
The Beginning of the End

It is understandable that most Americans question the benefits and drawbacks associated with the legalization of marijuana for recreational use. Federally, marijuana has been considered a Schedule I substance since 1970; it is classified amongst the most dangerous of drugs and is said to induce psychological and physical dependence or addiction. Regardless of its DEA classification, twenty-three states have legalized the medical use of marijuana to date. In The Cole Memo (2013) the Department of Justice vaguely announced that it would not interfere with state legalization of marijuana. The states of Washington, Oregon, Colorado, and Alaska as well as the District of Columbia have since legalized
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state legislation. They are generally unable to set up bank accounts, lines of credit, or take out loans because banks are reluctant to fund projects or accept money associated with a Schedule I drug. Consequently, growers, processors, and sellers operate largely on a cash basis. Buyers are expected to pay dispensaries in cash, however reselling cannabis bought from recreational dispensaries is prohibited. This legislation acts as a means of preventing underage use. It is also illegal to drive while under the influence of cannabis. Roughly 12% of DUIs in Colorado are issued to drivers under the influence of marijuana, not…show more content…
States that would like to legalize cannabis for recreational use can look to Washington and Colorado’s triumphs and tribulations when establishing their own legislation and recreational markets. Perhaps the Department of Justice will issue another Cole Memo regarding its official authorization if these recreational markets succeed. Currently it appears that buyers are interested in purchasing recreational cannabis at the lowest price possible, which is consequently less taxed. I think that the changes occurring in Washington and Colorado legislation this upcoming year will balance out the new markets’ instabilities and further satisfy customers, investors, and
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