Arguments Against Capitalism In The Play Fences By August Wilson

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The play “Fences” by August Wilson portrayed capitalism as an evil that allows the corrupt to win and takes the little bit of money the poor have. The way the big grocery store A&P dominates smaller stores like Bella’s. It corrupts people just like it did to the black man who won the lottery to only start a business that discriminate against his own people. Also, a sells man in the play is compared to the devil for making a deal with Troy and punishing him for years. Over all Wilson made it clear with his strong points against capitalism in America throughout this entire play.
The A&P is one of the major points against capitalism that is carried throughout the play. This is shown in how it uses it size to rule the town. Even Troy’s favorite grocery store Bella’s which treats him like a actual person is threaten by it. This is shown when Rose mentions, “She charges ten cents more than the A & P.” about Bella’s. (1034) The A&P use its ability of offering lower prices to out price other smaller grocery stores like Bella’s. To go even further into this issue Troy tells Cory, “You go on and get your book-learning so you can work yourself up in that A&P” when talking about Cory future. (1051) He would much rather his son to work at Bella’s
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When he first moved into his house and needed furniture a man showed up at his door to sell him some. Tory took him up on his offer and the next day some men came to drop off the furniture and gave him a payment book. Troy then told Bono that they told him, “I miss a payment the devil was coming back and it’ll be hell to pay.” (1039) The sheer manor this presents about business is not a good one. Troy even grew to resent that furniture sells man to the point he eventually believed he was in fact the devil. Capitalism is shown as the devil that makes a deal and makes you pay for it for what seems like a eternity in

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