Arguments Against Censorship In History

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Censorship in History: Non-Beneficial Environment for Students
Historical truths are at stake. States and schools are murdering U.S. history by either changing it in textbooks or not teaching it all. They’re making it disappear. Censorship of history textbooks in the U.S hides important details and truths from the students. It also gives students false impressions of U.S. history. Censorship in schools concentrates on creating a non-beneficial and unhelpful learning environment for students.
Americans should be aware that textbooks often only present a positive image of US history because it doesn’t tell the truth about how we came to be as a nation. In Denver, Colorado, students are protesting about a review of the AP history curriculum which …show more content…

The Tulsa Race Riot was the destruction of Black Wall Street in 1921, which was caused by an allegation of a white woman accusing a black man of rape. It lasted from May 31st to June 1st. The Tulsa Race Riot caused plenty of damage from “dozens of deaths [and] hundreds of injuries” to the destruction of Black Wall Street leading to unemployment of the black community (Hoberock n. pag.). An estimated property loss was over $2.3 million. This was an important event in our Nation’s history because “it teaches how far hatred [and violence] can go” (Hoberock n. pag.). Many Americans didn 't learn about the Tulsa Race Riot because textbooks weren’t enforced to include it back then, but now students have the opportunity to have a helpful understanding of how history has changed over time and who they are as a nation and as …show more content…

States have been removing or hiding history from students. In Denver, students are protesting about a school board review which wants to “[ensure] that teaching materials present positive aspects of the U.S history” and promote citizenship” (Wallace n. pag.).Tulsa Race Riot history is an important U.S. history event which hasn’t been incorporated into many textbooks, even though there were “dozens of deaths [and] hundreds of injuries” and also the destruction of Greenwood which later results in students poor knowledge of where they came from (Hoberock n. pag.). In Texas, it is being taught that slavery was just a side issue of the Civil War because guidelines for teaching American history do not include the teaching of the Ku Klux Klan or Jim Crow Laws. This gives a false impression to students. The grow up believing that it was a side issue when in reality, it was the actual cause. This leads to teachers struggling to teach students school subjects without causing controversy within the community. These are the teachers who want a better environment in which students grow up learning the truth about U.S. history. Censoring history is making it disappear which results in students’ poor knowledge of who they are or where they came

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