Arguments Against Central Power

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The constitution was the collective child of (9 of 13) STATES. Some of those states, like Virginia, only ratified this document by 53% a small majority, by representatives, not the people directly voting. 9:13 is 69% if that requirement of 69% was imposed on each state to ratify, this constitution would not exist. Not overwhelming popular at the time, but pushed hard by the likes of Hamilton; creator of, the bank of New York, a global bank.

Some of those, reluctant and suspicious of this new Centralized Power wanted more protections for the people that had fought and won their independence from another Central Power, the King; thus the Bill of Rights, after the ratification, "We must pass it first" Sound familiar?
Many did not believe it necessary to state the Rights possessed by the
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It is now clear, the Central Power has sought to eliminate the Rights of the States as well as the Rights of the people, (a slow, almost imperceptible eroding) by claiming onto itself powers and authorities NEVER, granted within the constitution itself, or envisioned by those early founders and signers.
Those Rights, stated and unstated, in which there are many, are everything America stands for, and Americans Live and Die for; we Americans joined together by the agreed upon rules set forth within this constitution are the heart of the law and the light of the world. People of every nation, Once, looked to America with wide eyes and yearning desires to possess those Rights and Freedoms, they also, were willing to fight to protect those ideals or die defending them.
So, your question what do we do? What have we always done in the face of
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