Arguments Against Communism

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Communism is an economic system grounded in the equal distribution of wealth and goods. Since Communism has been commandeered in the 40’s and 50’s by Eastern European political figures as a construct of fascism, the United States should vehemently police the global reach of Communism. I completely disagree with this argument. Communism is not an option the United States should have. Communism is a system that shows that it doesn 't matter how hard or how little every person works, every citizen of United States will get the same amount of wealth and goods, no mater how much they work. People won’t receive what they work for, that kills me. Communism doesn 't value creativity, through the jobs that are based on creativity, such as an artist, sculptor, etc., the idea of Communism looks at those jobs as unnecessary and ridiculous. What would the…show more content…
The countries under communism rule have a list of rights and a few corresponding obligations – except to be taxed. What would communism do with our own country? That 's a question that should be asked everyday! How would you be view in our messed up society? What would your social status be? That 's one idea that not one damn person looks at. For example, suitcases represent your social status, with communism, everyone would have the same kinds of “suitcases” which eliminates the idea of diversity and everyone’s social status would be the same. Our world without suitcases and social classes, that 's an idea for phonies. Communism would turn our government into monsters (as if they aren 't already are), our government would control absolutely everything! They would make your decisions on money, healthcare, and your own damn food! With the United States of America under the rule of communism, it would invade our rights, which are written in the Bill of Rights, no freedom of speech, assembly, press, religion, fair trial, and your own
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