Arguments Against Death Penalty Essay

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Argument against the abolishment of death penalty Over the years death penalty has been a consequence of the criminal acts around the world. It existed in various forms, depending on the cultural background of the society, and is still successfully implemented as a punitive measure in the countries of Central America, Asia and Africa. The debates around the issue between the supporters and the abolitionists continue for decades with no end in sight. In these volatile times of uncertainty and indetermination the world community is questioning whether the death penalty is a historically entrenched act of justice or an intolerable violation of human rights. As the death penalty is capable of deterring the crime and ensuring the safety of society, it is one of the pillars that provide the community with efficient measures to maintain law and order, therefore, it should not be abolished. Death penalty has proven to be a way to prevent crimes, either by permanently eliminating the main sources of homicide, or by deterring the other potential…show more content…
Despite the disputes and controversies its potential capacity of regulating moral conflicts in a modern world is underestimated. Society is in the position to implement this strong moral act to show that there is no way to escape the consequences of wrongful deeds. The benefits of elimination of dangerous criminal elements, deterrence, reduced incarceration, shortening of sentence expenses and the safety of the community are the result of capital punishment implementation. . Even though, changes should be introduced to the system of penalty to adjust it to the needs of each particular community, it is still one of the most effective measures of combating and prevention of the crime. Thus, the abolishment of capital punishment will do more harm than good, as it has proven to bring justice to the suffered and helps to decrease the crime

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